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The Recording Studio in London boasts hard working engineers and our customers agree that we always deliver quality recorded music.

We Supply You With Various Options To Capture The Recording You Need At Commercial Standards, Using Our High End And Mid Level Audio Equipment Coupled With Vast Technical Experience To Achieve Beautiful Results –

All In A Package Tailored To Meet Your Budget.

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by Lady Leshurr - Juice | Swiss & Wretch 32 - 2 Aside.mp3 | Various Artists

Studio A is home to hundreds of artists and musicians and has seen greats such as Denis Brown, Alton Ellis, Rita Marley as well as newer chart toppers such as Gappy Ranks, Donaeo, Don Flash, various film companies and several entertainment factions.

Studio B has a more intimate and cosy atmosphere and is the choice studio for those looking to have regular bookings of more than 8 hours…Many mix tapes have been recorded over two days in this very studio as it allows you to capture that more personal vibe.

When you book a studio session at Krafthouse, the engineer is also included in the price so you just show up and let us worry about getting the perfect sound for you!

All our engineers are also very experienced musicians and producers, having played and worked with countless bands over the years.

The studio offers the benefit of a chilled and friendly atmosphere, whilst providing a work ready modern recording environment.