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“We’re a vibrant, professional & affordable recording studio and production label based in London.”

We are well known for our creative productions and the term ‘eclectic’ does come to mind when looking at our vast portfolio. At Krafthouse it’s not a case of just pressing the record button, there’s no doubt that we’ll pour love into your music and we dig deep into your project to ensure that you get the absolute best out of your experience and time with us…Everyone comes back.

We know experience makes a difference so you’ll be happy to know our engineers and Producers have worked for and with artists from all over the world such as; Adele, Shania Twain, Raekwon, Cameron, George The Poet, Gappy Ranks, USG, Mike GLC, Swiss and companies from the likes of Universal and E4 to Hot Coffee Music, LinkUpTv & Sbtv.


We are one of the few recording studios in the area to offer the full range of recording solutions across the most programmes, and our treated rooms + purpose built booths set the stage for brilliant recording/monitoring. We provide you with excellent equipment and expertise that offers pristine recordings and depth to your mixes. Our productions have been commissioned for TV, Films, Documentaries and released by record labels & artists around the globe.

“Creatively our team will take your ideas, build them based on what you want to achieve, and offer you guidance. (Which has many singing our praises) Vocalist reach new levels with our harmony expert on board, giving new life to any song in your note book that you just cant get your head around.”


Vocal Recording
  • 1 Single hour £35
  • Day session £200
  • Engineer Included
  • Including Level Mix


Mastering or Stem mastering
  • 3 Tracks Mastered – £145
  • 5 Tracks Mastered – £240
  • Includes revisions,
  • WAV & .MP3


3-7 Days Turnaround
  • (In House) From £35 per hour minimum 3 hrs
  • Includes revision options
  • Includes .Wav and .Mp3 mixes

Music Production

depending on requirements
  • Price depending on Licensing Requirements
  • Please contact us for rates on Music Production, Music For Film, Sfx creation, Foley and Adverts etc
*If you require single wave files for mix etc they can be exported in your session or otherwise at a per hour rate (Project files are at no extra cost ) [not including fx settings]

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