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Frequently Asked Questions

Here You Can Find Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Any work or work experience?
Unfortunately we can not offer anyone any paid work at the moment, and if we do, we already have a list of people lined up. Occasionally Krafthouse will call for an assistant to assist on some sessions, gain some experience and learn some stuff. Feel free to get in touch and if we have anything available you may just be lucky enough to get in.
Can I meet any of the stars you’ve previously worked with?
If one of them happens to be in the studio at the time of your arrival, its a possibility… but it’s only going to be by luck.. if it does happen, We’ll happily introduce you to them.
Can you provide musicians to play for me?
For sure we can. We know a load of brilliant musicians covering a wide range of instruments. We can also provide our own skills (bass, guitar, basic drums and vocals) at a session cost if you like.
Do you master too?

Yes Please click here for more information on Mastering

How long will my project take?

There is no quick answer, every project/session has to be treated as new because….

Recording and mixing time varies from project to project, dependent on a number of variables. How many people are in the band? How songs you want to record? Would you like a raw, more live sounding record or a super tight, polished production? We’re usually pretty good at estimating how long a project take will take after gaining answers to these questions, so for a quick quote, include as much information as possible on this contact form

What are you recording rates?

If you are hoping to do a long term project, we can work to a budget and build you a package based on your needs.

For short term bookings see our rates section.

What is Matering?

Mastering is the final stage of the recording process. Think of it as the last job, the icing on the cake or the wax on a car after you’ve washed and dried it. Some of the things it does is make the tracks louder, improve continuity between tracks and add fancy things such as embedded ISRC codes. Learn more about our Mixing and Mastering by clicking here

What happens if im running late to my session?
Things in life happen out of your control, if your running late… not to worry let the bookings team know an they will inform your session engineer.

You will still have to pay your booked time in full regardless of when you arrive but its the notice goes along way (See terms and conditions)